Fake Salary Jobs: There Are Some News Of Relief GSTV

Fake Salary Jobs: There Are Some News Of Relief GSTV

Fixing between the increasing unemployment rate in the state at the time of declaration of a fixed pay job The form is filled up. Unemployed lines seem to be. The government's job is only an ATLL. Now government relief has been made for government employees employed in fixed pay. For the first five years at the state government's office at the Department of Finance, in reference to Finance Department, employees of class-3 and class-4 who have been appointed by the fixed salary for the first five years by the fixed recruitment process, and in the last 5 years of service, in the center or state, If you want to go, there was a notice of paying a notice or notice payday notice.

The matter which was put under consideration by the government. Now the government has given a new resolution at the end of adult thinking. In this regard, employees who want to engage in the job and will receive notice of each issue but will not have to pay notice in respect of this. In this case only the resignation will be granted. Fix salaried employees will not have to free themselves. Authorities who approve of resignation to waive or reduce the period of notice of these employees of another month will be able to make their decision on their level.

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